Does your mom like golf? Treat her to a game on the green

Hi Guys!

If your mom has an interest in golf, why not plan some special Mother's Day golf surprises for her this year …by the way, Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13.

I know that my mom really likes when my brothers and I make a fuss over her for Mother's Day. 

It should be her day to relax, kick back and NOT cook!

Here are my top five recommendations of how you can make her day special and let her know that you appreciate all she does for the family. 

1. Make a golf themed gift basket. You can include a sleeve of her favorite balls, a new visor, a sparkly ball marker (mom's love a little bling), etc.  Any specialty golf store should have a wide assortment of golf accessories you can include.  Be sure to include snack items like trail mix and pretzels; these items will help fill the basket but don't add much to the cost.

2. If you know that mom has her eye on a new club or putter, pool your money with your siblings (or dad) so you can purchase the bigger ticket item. 

3. A new outfit.  I think my mom cares almost as much about golf fashion as she does the game itself!  Every year, new trends and colors are introduced – by her something from a 2012 collection.  Even if you can't afford a whole outfit, how about a shirt?

4. All moms love spending time with their family. For the ultimate treat, plan a day on the course with her followed by lunch out (mom's love lunch out). Coordinate with dad or siblings to plan a really special day. Make your tee time well in advance so you're not scrambling at the last minute.  You can also create a homemade gift certificate so she can pick a day that works well for her. 

5. If all of the above ideas aren't in the budget, just take care of mom at home. Either buy or make a heartfelt card and let her know how you feel. Making her lunch will be a nice touch as well.  You can plan putting or chipping games (for example chipping into a bucket for high score) in the backyard or at a local park. 

Don't procrastinate and start planning mom's special day!