Michigan’s most haunted: The Werewolf of Grosse Pointe

Note: The Halloween special Haunted Legends of Old Detroit, hosted by Chuck Gaidica, originally aired in 1996.

When the moon is full and high in the sky, can you hear echoes of howling in the night? If you do, it might not be the neighbor's dog - it could be the werewolf of Grosse Pointe.

There's a fascinating tale of a young woman named Genevieve, who lived there with her father.

She was leaving to enter a convent in Three Rivers, Canada.

Her young lover was distraught that she was leaving - so he made a pact with an old Native American, that he would sell his soul to the devil to keep her in Michigan.

The pact was that he could be turned into a werewolf - and he could pursue her and keep her.

One night, the werewolf tracked Genevieve - she fought him off, and turned him into stone.

He spent the rest of his days as a rock on the shore of Lake St. Clair.

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