Take a sugar-filled trip back in time at Rogers Bulk Candy in Eastpointe

Shop features more than 500 kinds of candy

Rogers Bulk Candy in Eastpointe features more than 500 varieties of candy. (WDIV)
Rogers Bulk Candy in Eastpointe features more than 500 varieties of candy. (WDIV)

EASTPOINTE, Mich. – Imad Berro says in 12 years of doing business, he’s never had a customer who didn’t leave happy.

That’s because Berro owns a candy shop. But Rogers Bulk Candy and Ice Cream on 9 Mile Road in Eastpointe is no ordinary shop.

With more than 500 types of candy in stock, when you walk through the door it feels like you are walking back into your childhood.

Pop Rocks? He has them.
Black Cows?  Yes.
Candy Cigarettes? You bet.

“If we don’t have it, we will find it for you.” Berro said.

You can’t help feeling like a kid in a candy store at Rogers. The shop is named for Berro’s son, and his daughter’s photo from the Air Force is on the wall.  

“We support the military, the police, everybody.” He says.

He is one proud small business owner, and nostalgic candy isn’t his only niche.

You will also find rows and rows of color-coordinated candy for people to build their candy tables at weddings, graduations, baby showers and other events.

Walk to the rear of the store and you’ll find 52 flavors of premium ice cream.

Next to the ice cream cases is a case featuring all kinds of frozen fruit. Those are for delicious smoothies.

“We saw that kids were walking around here to and from school and the area needed a candy store.” Berro said. 

His shop is a ton of fun, but Imad Berro is so nice to talk to he’s almost as fun as filling up your bag of candy at his shop.

Rogers Bulk Candy is at 15020 E. 9-Mile Road in Eastpointe.

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