Shattered podcast | Child Killer, Chapter 3 -- Captive

Shattered podcast | Child Killer, Chapter 3 (WDIV)

Victims families and the citizens of Oakland County are reeling from the murders of 6 children. But the killer isn't done. In March of 1977, 11 year-old Timmy King goes to the store to buy candy one evening, but he never makes it home. His body is found a week later, just south of the Oakland County line. Timmy was sexually assaulted, just like Mark Stebbins before him. A potential witness spotted Timmy the night he disappeared.

On January 2nd, 1977, 10-year-old Kristine Mihelich, who lived in Berkley, a small town in southern Oakland County called her mother to ask permission to go to buy a Teen Beat magazine at an area 7-eleven. Kristine was the second girl in a 2-week span who seemingly disappeared.

On a cool March evening, Timothy King left his Birmingham home with 30 cents he borrowed from his older sister, Catherine, and headed to the corner store. He wanted some candy and it wasn’t rare for him to make this trip of about three blocks. He left with his skateboard and football, headed toward the Hunter-Maple Pharmacy. Timothy became the seventh child that to go missing in the area.

Birmingham Police Chief Jerry Tobin said “whatever happened to Tim happened between the time he left the store and before he got home. It doesn’t look particularly good at this time.” Tim was abducted on a Wednesday. By Thursday, 100 lawmen from Oakland County, volunteers, Oakland County Sheriff’s investigators, the county helicopter and the special Oakland County Task Force all were scouring the area.