Shattered podcast | Child Killer, Chapter 8 -- Collateral Damage

Shattered podcast | Child Killer, Chapter 8 (WDIV)

Almost half a century has passed and the families of Timothy King, Kristine Mihelich, Jill Robinson and Mark Stebbins are left without answers. The families demand more from the authorities. The police and prosecutors say there’s nothing more to give. Is the person responsible still out there? Did the killer die? Is there a massive coverup? The families share their theories.

There’s a list of theories, claims and suspects investigators have spent decades sorting through. Christopher Busch was a convicted pedophile who lived in Bloomfield Hills and killed himself in 1978. For decades, victims’ family members had believed Busch could have been the killer.

At one point investigators said James Vincent Gunnels was the best lead in the decades-old serial killer mystery. His DNA is a mitochondrial DNA match to a hair found on the body of victim Kristine Mihelich.

Theodore Lamborgine and fellow pedophile, Richard Lawson, were part of a 1970s sex ring that preyed on young boys in Detroit’s Cass Corridor. Out of the five men involved, Lamborgine and Lawson were the only two living members of that ring when they were charged in 2006. Lamborgine faced 19 counts of sexually assaulting children, while Lawson faced 28 similar charges.

In July 2012, Prosecutor Cooper discussed Archibald Edward Sloan and his 1966 Pontiac Bonneville. A hair found in the car is a DNA match to evidence at two of the crime scenes -- Mark Stebbins’ and Timothy King’s. The hair is not his but police believe it belongs to an acquaintance.

Despite these leads, no one has been convicted of the crimes relating to the Oakland County Child Killings.