We asked, you answered: What’s the best ‘bad’ boat name you’ve ever heard or seen?

Bow movement, we’re looking at you

A boat (VisionPic.net/Pexels stock image)

For some, summertime goes hand in hand with boating -- but we realize that’s not what everyone’s season looks like.

Either you’re a boat person and you’ve been around watercraft (so you’re familiar with boat names, which can sometimes lean toward punny or groan-inducing), or you’re unfamiliar. In which case, we’re about to fill you in on some “bad” boat names.

Boats, by the way, often have names written on their backs -- it’s an old tradition, actually. Boat naming started when sailors named vessels after gods, goddesses or saints, hoping to bring good fortune to their travels, according to this website.

Of course, just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you’re going to have to take some of these with a grain of salt. Maybe something that another viewer or reader called out as silly, you think is hilarious. That’s the way life goes sometimes, right? We might have to agree to disagree, at times.

For some context, we previously ran a story -- linked below! -- about what not to call your boat, and listed some particularly cringeworthy names we found online.

And then we asked you, dear readers: What’s the worst boat name you’ve ever heard or seen?

MAN, did you deliver. In fact, more than 130 of you responded. Thank you! We love hearing from you.

And without further ado, here are 17 of our favorite call-outs:

  • Boaty McBoatFace
  • Bye, Felicia
  • Nau Sea
  • Aquaholic
  • Schitzen Giggles
  • Ruthless (submitter’s note: “My dad named it after his ex-wife, Ruth.”)
  • Hook Line and Sink’er
  • Quatro-Sinko
  • Sin or Swim
  • Sea Jane Run
  • Bow movement
  • Cirrhosis of the River
  • Knot Insured (viewer’s note: From my insurance salesman friend!)
  • Nauti Frisk
  • Sinkerton the Third
  • Fish Laugh at Me

We trusted your spellings on these, by the way. The full list (as profanity-laced as it was), was pretty entertaining.

Did you miss out on the original question, but you’re reading this now, nodding along, with the perfect boat name in mind to add?

It’s never too late: 😉