Podcast reminds us, especially in the sandal-wearing months: Stop neglecting your feet

‘It’s something that’s so easy to forget, but it feels so nice to do’

Feet (EVG Culture/Pexels)

You know what might feel good? Giving a little more attention to your feet.

It’s a super simple piece of advice, but one that perhaps we should take a little more seriously.

Jules Yun contributed this gem in a recent episode of “The Best Advice Show.”

Yes, of course your feet will get sudsy if you take a shower -- all that running water is sure to trickle down and get them semi-clean.

But Yun reminded listeners how important it is to wash your feet, like in the bath. It’s such a good feeling, getting between the toes and really cleaning off the grime, especially in the warm weather months or if you’ve been walking around in open-type shoes or sandals.

“It’s something that’s so easy to forget, but it feels so nice to do," Yun told podcast host Zak Rosen.

Rosen, by the way, wants to hear from you next. His podcast aims to share good, simple advice with the world. Episodes are typically only a few minutes long.

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