Mother’s Day: What do you really want, mom?

Mom holding baby
Mom holding baby (Pixlr)

Calling all moms!

What do you really want this Mother’s Day? Is it a specific gift? Why?

What is the ideal Mother’s Day to you? Do you just want your family together?

Think about it -- let us know so we can share and help spread the ideas:

Mom responses

Here are some of the responses from moms we have received so far:

“Just to be able to spend time with my three adult children and their families throughout the day would be wonderful😊.” -- Brenda Kasper

“Time with family and a relaxing day (no housework and no big decisions). I don’t need fancy gifts or an expensive brunch at a restaurant but small gestures are nice, like flowers or breakfast being made.” -- Lauren

“Spending the day with my children is the greatest gift they can give me -- the gift of spending time together and making memories I will treasure.” -- Linds Cole

“A ticket to the Tigers game. Nothing soothes my soul more!” -- Shirley Biernacki

“Pictures from kids and a nap.” -- Kyle Sasena

“I would like for myself and my mom to go on a 3 day trip somewhere.” -- Trina Bland

“A day of games and good conversation is the perfect Mother’s Day for me. I love having my kids all together. I love sitting and listening to them interact. I love my new son-in-law and my future daughter-in-law and what they add to the family. I love when they get quiet as I approach because they are talking about adult kid stuff that they don’t want mom to hear, but they are openly sharing with each other. The gift of time is the best gift ever.” -- Colleen Denison

“I really just want time, time to do nothing. If I want to go pick weeds, I will. If I want to make dinner I will, but I want it to be on my terms. My husband is really good with letting me sleep in on Mother’s Day and tends to our daughter. That’s all I want, time to do whatever I want whenever I want.” -- Kari Bramos

“A nice steak dinner, I’m pregnant and all I’m craving is steak.” -- Marisol Hernandez

“A clean house and an empty laundry basket.” -- Pam Schiesser

“Would love to have all 10 of my children (ages 12-30) and the two spouses and the four grandkids all on vacation for a week together in a big rental cabin or beach or lake house somewhere.” -- Kristan Russell

“Sleep ... I’m a grandma raising six kiddos and I never have enough time to sleep.” -- Darcy Young

“I would love the new Ninja Foodi Neverstick Cookware.” -- Keisha Willis

“I’m not complicated at all. As a wife and a mother of four, nothing complicated just relaxation and a delicious meal shared with my family that I don’t have to cook.🙂” -- India Perry

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