Karen Drew on 1st week of school: Well, we made it through!

Karen Drew and her daughter on the first day of school 2021. (WDIV)

Ahhhhh -- we made it!

We made it through the first week of school. I have to say I had A LOT of emotions going on as I sorted the school supplies, packed the lunches, and ordered MORE masks for my girls. I wondered what this year is going to look like? Will there be more quarantines? Will our kiddos get COVID-19? And what will that look like on their little faces? What if they come into contact with someone -- how long will they have to stay home? How will I balance work and school lessons?

Seriously, I was a bit anxious but one thing I learned the past year and a half: I have to accept the things I can’t control. I also learned to try to take things one day at a time -- so that’s exactly what I did this past week. There were some wins and there were some fails.

My lunch ideas were not that great -- apparently kids don’t like chicken wrap sandwiches, the pasta salad was not a hit, and I had no “fun” drinks to offer them. Oh well -- guess I’ll go back to the salami, chips, and carrots that seemed to be a winner!

My daughter’s hem on her uniform was a hot mess -- but I don’t know how to sew so I used scotch tape to keep it up. Word of advice -- tape is NOT the answer. Of course it fell as she was walking into school.

Sports practices started -- I was very proud the girls had soccer cleats that fit them and I remembered to pack extra snacks so they had something to eat after school. I did send my daughter to the wrong location for soccer practice -- she was sitting on the outdoor bleachers by herself waiting for the team. Thank goodness a teacher saw her and brought her back into school and to the gym where the team was actually meeting. Apparently parents are supposed to sign the girls’ assignment books every night. I missed the first night and Morgan didn’t get a star from the teacher as she “failed” to get her parents to sign her book. UGH! Well, we did better the rest of the week and Morgan got a star the next day.

So, why am I sharing this? Because it’s a reminder we have wins, we have fails, but just as we teach our kids, we keep trying again and again. You may have started school or this upcoming week may be your first back. Either way, you got this Moms and Dads! You will remember stuff, and forget stuff. Don’t worry, you’re going to make it through!

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy school year!

Karen Drew's daughters on their first day of school 2021 (WDIV)
Karen Drew's daughters on their first day of school 2021 (WDIV)

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