Controversial bridge in Michigan’s UP opens to visitors

New bridge aims to give more access to the island at Lower Falls

Courtesy photo (Tahquamenon Falls State Park)

One of Michigan’s most popular tourist attractions just got a new addition -- despite some controversy surrounding its construction.

In a Facebook post, Tahquamenon Falls State Park announced that a newly constructed bridge opened this past weekend, designed to help visitors gain increased access to an island at the Lower Falls.

For those unfamiliar, there is also an Upper Falls portion, as well.

Traditionally, the only way to get to that island was by taking a row boat, a novelty that many tourists enjoyed.

The big motivation to building the bridge and creating a way to the island by foot was so the Michigan Department of Natural Resources could increase accessibility to the island for those with disabilities and other physical limitations, or for those who would just rather not take a row boat.

When construction began back in September, people both in favor and not in favor of the construction took to Facebook to express their views.

Those not in favor of the bridge expressed concern that it would take away from the row boat experience, lessen the scenic views of the island and become a threat to the surrounding landscape.

Supporters of it lauded the opportunities it will give other visitors to see the island in person.

But despite the objection of some, the bridge is open for use, and will be a visible part of one of Michigan’s most recognizable tourist attractions all summer.

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