Jason Carr: Please, bring back these classic menu items (and restaurants)

McDonald's McDLT from 1985 commercial. (McDonald's)

Taco Bell needs to bring back the Chilito, or as it was known in some quarters, the Chili Cheese Burrito.

KFC needs to bring back the Double Down, a sandwich with no bun consisting of two breaded chicken patties that served AS the bun- above and below bacon and sauce. I ate one for a TV story and just about died. Of scrumptious overload.

McDonald’s needs to bring back both the Arch Deluxe and the McDLT, which was ahead of its time. You had the hot side and the cool side in the open clam shell packaging. Genius marketing. Like left Twix and right Twix.

Little Caesars needs to bring back their sandwiches, but most especially the Big Deal Veal. Does anyone have any evidence this actually existed?

Arby’s needs to bring back potato cakes. Arby’s, are you insane? Why did you get rid of the only reason to visit your restaurant?

Wendy’s needs to bring back Dave’s classic square burgers and stop screwing around with re-inventing the wheel. Also, whatever that burger was circa 2010 that was like a classic cheeseburger but with nacho cheese and jalapeno slices needs to return ASAP.

Dino’s Pizza needs to exist again.

Schlotzski’s deli needs to return to Michigan.

Whataburger needs to come to Michigan.

Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor needs to return to Michigan.

And where is Arthur Treacher’s Fish ‘n’ Chips? C’mon! Can I get a witness?

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