Jason Carr: An introduction to my new column

Jason Carr Live on Local 4+ (WDIV)

Growing up in Metro Detroit, I took a shine to all media. If you had asked me, I likely would have told you I wanted to grow up and “be on television” like Mort Crim, be the funny morning radio guy like Harper & Gannon on WNIC, or a newspaper columnist like Bob Talbert or, later on, Mitch Albom.

Ironically, earlier on this day, I did have Mitch Albom as my first guest on Jason Carr Live on Local 4+, our new streaming platform that you can watch on your smart TV.

We had a great meandering conversation for 25 uninterrupted minutes, which in television news is mainly unheard of. But such is the benefit of open-ended streaming.

I bring all of this up because you are reading my first column/post/blog exclusively for ClickOnDetroit. For over a decade, you’ve followed me or known me for my writing primarily on Facebook, for which I wrote so many nostalgia pieces I have the makings of a complete book. I just haven’t gotten around to actually publishing it.

In the meantime, I will be here on ClickOn as its de facto Bob Talbert or Mitch Albom or Erma Bombeck or Dave Barry or Mike Royko. You get the idea.

Before sitting down to write this, I saw something on Reddit, which bills itself as the front page of the internet. A Redditor posted that he finally got rid of that box of orphaned power cords he’s been lugging around for his entire adult life, only to suddenly need the very cord he just threw away for the first time in years.

I, too, have every camera, every battery, every remote, every gadget, and every cable I’ve been accumulating since college. I cannot imagine throwing away any of it because Murphy’s Law follows me like a bad penny. Just like our aforementioned friend, the second I junk that box (well, “boxes” plural) will be the second I need one of those things.

I hope to hear from you as I pound out a smoking 20 words per minute in an attempt to infotain you. You can reach me at jcarr@wdiv.com.