Jason Carr: We need to taco-bout tacos

Tacos. (Pexels)

On National Taco Day we need to talk about tacos.

The industrial food complex that sold us pre-packaged taco shells and seasoning for decades is downright evil. No one likes hard corn shells pre-formed. Great for holding the insides. Terrible for taste.

Everyone knows the best tacos are flour soft shell. Corn soft shell in a pinch. You cannot argue with the satisfying bite of a soft shell taco. There’s a chewiness that cannot be denied. Plus your mouth doesn’t get torn up by fragmented hard shell.

As for the fillings you need seasoned steak chunks, Mexican blended cheeses, shredded lettuce and tomatoes. Onions maybe. And generous dollops of sour cream. No cilantro. No salsa. Good God no salsa. You want nachos? Go get nachos.

The best soft tacos in Metro Detroit, improbably, are at Shields pizza in Southfield on Telegraph. Best steak soft tacos I’ve ever had, including Taco Bell. And they have cerveza. So we got that going for us. Which is nice.

Great now I want tacos.

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