Jason Carr: In praise of the short-lived thing

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In praise of the short-lived thing…

By thing I could mean anything from a kitchen gadget to something bigger.

In recent years I installed a Solo Stove at our backyard patio. And hung a 65″ Sony on the wall outside. Number of times we’ve used both or either in the last 18 months? A few nights. The pandemic, tho? Remember that? Strange days.

My countertop rotating pizza oven? Sitting in the garage collecting dust. Presto FryDaddy? Same. Insta-Pot? Buried in a cupboard somewhere.

All of these appliances promised something that delivered short-term mental gains to get us through a lockdown. And now they almost feel like a relic of a different era. At least they do at my house.

But it goes back further.

Before Covid I purchased an egg dome steam cooker to make poached eggs. The thing worked beautifully. Even after I lost the egg piercer that put the hole in the egg shell, I improvised a sharp knife tip and it still worked. Last time I used it? Not sure. 2019? We still have it. Buried in the cupboard behind the Insta-Pot.

A year ago I had a face-cord of firewood delivered to our driveway and then paid the neighbor kid to stack it in the garage. I got sick of the guys in my crew giving me the needle that I was always buying gas station wood. So now I have more than I will ever need. But those weird days of Coronavirus lockdown are in the rear-view (or are they?) and now what?

Ever feel like you are either underprepared and overprepared but never perfectly prepared?

What is your appliance/gadget/thing that is forgotten or unused?

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