Jason Carr: You’re stranded on an island. What Detroit or Michigan item are you bringing?

Jason Carr Live on set (Copyright 2022 by WDIV ClickOnDetroit - All rights reserved.)

If you had to be stranded like Tom Hanks in Castaway, what’s the one Detroit or Michigan food item or beverage you could have a never-ending supply of on your deserted island?

Coney dogs? Detroit-style pizza? Chicken Shack? Tubby’s subs? Ernie’s market sandwiches? Vernors? Faygo? Better Made chips? Pasties? Germack nuts? Maurice salad? Honey baked ham? Achatz pie? Fudge? Stroh’s beer? Oberon? Bell’s? Two James liquor? Traverse City bourbon?

Those last few are intriguing because obviously you’d have a lot of time on your hands to kick back and get sloshed. But then you could also get sloppy and, I don’t know, drown while trying to swim for land. Plus alcohol makes you pee and dehydrated is not what you’d want to be when you don’t know when the next rainstorm is bringing you fresh water to drink.

Vernor’s would be good because you could heat it over the fire when you inevitably get sick. Maurice salad would actually be ideal because it would appear on the island everyday chilled to perfection and would provide you with veggies AND proteins like lunch meat and a sliced egg. And you could decide whether you wanted the dressing or skip it. Plus, it would go with any crab or fish you might catch.

I think I might get sick of coneys and Detroit pizza if I had to have either every single day.

I posed this question to Derick Hutchinson from ClickOnDetroit.com and he said—and I quote:

“I want to spend my dying days eating Detroit-style pizza.”

Hard to argue with the man. And when I followed up by asking him what if you don’t die and you get rescued after 20 years?

“Still the pizza.”

So, readers, what are you choosing and why? See you in the comments below.

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