Jason Carr: Foods I didn’t know I loved until later in life

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I live for late-in-life food revelations.

My now-wife introduced me to sushi when we were just dating. Changed my life. If every night sushi just magically appeared in front of me I would devour it. Prior to 2005 I would have rather eaten tripe or haggis. Look them up. It ain’t pretty.

My daughter is at an age where she is discovering new things. She used to be a veggie dogs and chicken nuggets kid. But she has come a long way. She is nothing if not my kid.

I used to be food-phobic. I liked cheeseburgers and steak and pizza. Everything else could take a long hike off a short pier.

I am much more adventurous now. Way more willing to try new things. While also leaving other things behind.

Unnamed fast food giant was my daily go-to. Now I have it every once in a while. The magic was there for a long time, until it wasn’t. Not gonna lie that that has been a strange transition for me. But it is what it is.

I wonder sometimes if said fast-food giant hasn’t had some sort of ankle tether on me since 1986 and they’re now wondering why I went from heavy user (that is an actual term in fast food corporate circles) to occasional user. Should it worry you they have terms like that? I’m not here to judge.

The thing is, at age 52, if you put a plate of food in front of me I’m likely to eat it. Not all of it. And that’s key.

Grandpa Carr lived to, I think, 96. And if you asked me to describe his eating habits from when I was a child and he was then the same age I am now, I would say he ate like a bird. I don’t recall him mowing through seconds or thirds. My grandmother would plate him some food. He would eat it. End of story.

And then he would go fix the riding lawn mower or the boat motor.

Food as fuel. Nothing more. And I lived that way for a long, long time. Not hungry, not hungry, not hungry…and then? STARVING and HANGRY. Eat food, repeat six hours later.

Recently I had cheesecake from a Detroit-based brand called D-Los Cheesecakes. People, I hate cheesecake. And then I tried hers on live television. I would eat that cheesecake like a cheeseburger. It was that good. I was shocked. And elated.

The takeaway from this entry is that you should never give up trying new foodstuffs. I plan not to. And neither should you.

You only get one life.

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