Jason Carr: Why this 80s comedian frequently crosses my mind

Comedian Rich Hall at the at Tower Theater in Upper Darby This was a WYSP-FM all day live radio broadcast promoting the upcoming "Hands Across America." event on May 25th, 1986 The event event featured appearances and interviews with people such as Dennis DeYoung (of STYX) / Rich Hall / Andrew Dice Clay / Yakof Smirnoff / Kevin Dubrow (Of Quiet Riot) / Cy Curnin (Of The Fixx) / Larry "Bud" Melman / Local Philly Bands "Bricklin", "Smash Palace", "Separate Checks", "The Sharks" and many other various local and national celebrities. Photo By Sam Cali. (Wikipedia Commons)

I sometimes wonder about Rich Hall.

Rich was a deadpan comic actor/comedian who had a hot second of fame in the early 80′s for hosting a segment on HBO’s Not Necessarily The News called Sniglets.

Sniglets, which he turned into multiple bestselling paperback books destined for bathroom reading, were terms for everyday mundane things that did not have a name. Probably his most famous was “spork,” or that weird disposable flatware that was both a spoon and a fork. He had hundreds more but I’ll be damned if I can tell you any of them. But each was hilariously perfect, as I recall.

I would like to think Rich Hall retired with millions in book royalties. I’ve said before and I will say again I write these column/blogs off the top of my head on purpose. My goal is authenticity. So please don’t spoil the party in the comments that Rich Hall’s life or career didn’t turn out well. He will ever be to me, Sniglets guy.

With that in mind, here goes:

That feeling when you wake up and you are certain it’s 15 minutes before your alarm goes off for work. And then you look at your phone with a tap on the nightstand and it’s like three hours until you have to get up. Yessss. What’s that feeling called?

That feeling when you order a burger in a bar/grill and although it doesn’t explicitly state that fries are included, you find out shortly that fries are included. What’s that called?

That feeling when you buy a sweater or something and it’s so good you want to go back and buy three more. What’s that name?

That feeling when you take a shower, towel dry the hair just the right amount, and when you put the hair product in, it just sets right? Do you have a label for that?

That feeling when you’ve had a bad day and it’s like your dog intuitively knows and posts up next to you with their head on your chest and does that doggie exhale. What’s that noise called?

That feeling when you construct the perfect toasted PB&J and it is like Heaven on a plate with a glass of ice cold whole milk. How to describe in a few short words?

That feeling when the perfect song comes on when you’re driving and you’re like “yes!” How would you summarize that?

That feeling when you wake up and walk downstairs in your shorts and t-shirt mid-winter and are pleasantly surprised that the smart thermostat already has the kitchen at 72 degrees. What sort of bliss is this called?

That feeling like, crap I have to get gas on my way to work and then you remember that you fueled up the night before while buying Powerball tickets. How good is that?

Life is full of these throwaway moments. But that doesn’t make them any less satisfying. It’s all part of the journey.

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