Heartwarming, holiday surprise after unknown package is discovered

Courtesy photo (Cheryl Hite)

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This was one instance where the discovery of an unknown package at her house turned into a great thing for Cheryl Hite.

Last month, while getting out boxes of Christmas decorations, Hite, who lives in Celebration, Florida, discovered an unopened box that was inadvertently put away with the other decorations the previous year.

It was a mailed package that was originally sent on Dec. 13, 2016 — by the previous owner of the home Hite currently lives in — to an address in Cleveland, Ohio.

The package had been lost in the system for more than five years, but when it was finally sent to the address in Cleveland, the owner of the house there had long moved out of the house, so the package was sent back to the address in Florida where Hite currently lives.

In 2021, the package was dropped off to Hite’s address while she and her family were out of town, so she didn’t notice the package was in their possession until last month.

Heit said when they alerted the previous owners of the unopened box, they gave Heit their blessing to open the package.

The surprise inside

When it was opened, Heit said she found three hand-decorated ornaments perfectly wrapped and preserved in sleeves of bubble wrap.

Courtesy photo (Cheryl Hite)
Courtesy photo (Cheryl Hite)
Courtesy photo (Cheryl Hite)

After alerting the previous owners, they told Heit to keep the ornaments, adding they always loved the Christmas season and decorated their house to “the 9s.”

Now, the ornaments are hanging on the tree at Heit’s residence.

“They hang from our tree in remembrance of the previous owners and their never ending love for the Christmas season,” Heit said.

All together now, AWWWW!

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