Flashpoint interview: Michigan’s chief medical officer talks COVID surge

Regarding pandemic, Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian says state is in the ‘thick of it’

Michigan's chief medical executive Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian is joining us on Flashpoint to discuss the latest ominous assessment of the state's COVID pandemic -- which some say is in its fourth "wave." This is segment two of the Nov. 14, 2021 episode of Flashpoint.

The latest assessment of Michigan’s coronavirus pandemic was ominous -- particularly as an expert within Beaumont Health said Metro Detroit is seeing its fourth “surge” of the virus.

The new chief health executive of Michigan, Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian, joins Flashpoint host Devin Scillian for the first time to discuss COVID spread in the state, and just where things stand.

Watch the interview in segment two of the Nov. 14, 2021 episode of Flashpoint in the video player above.

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You can watch the entire episode of Flashpoint using the video player below.

This week on Flashpoint, we're discussing the nation's toxic political divide, Michigan's ominous latest COVID assessment and the 30-year-old tragic shooting at a Royal Oak Post Office. Watch the interviews with host Devin Scillian and special guests on this Nov. 14, 2021 episode of Flashpoint.

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