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This is the second edition of an ongoing series of real stories about addiction from ClickOnDetroit's readers. 

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READ: Real addiction stories (1st edition)

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My name is Mary and I am a grateful recovering alcoholic. By the grace of God and with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous, I have been sober since November 2, 2015. I started my drinking career when I was 14 years old. At first just here and there, but by the time I was 18 I was well on my way, using fake id's to get into area bars and buy alcohol at liquor stores that were willing to overlook the fact that my license had clearly been tampered with. At first just a weekend drinker, but by the time I had kid's and as they were growing up, a drink nearly everyday. I wasn't a bad mom, was able to hold a full time job and attend school functions. But eventually my drinking binges drove my husband away and we split in 2006. I quickly jumped into another long term relationship, which I held onto for 9 years, and he helped me to raise my children. I would stop drinking for months at a time, knowing I had a problem, but not yet willing to admit it. When I picked up again, I would always end up in a worse place that I had been the time before. I went to countless soccer games, school concerts, and other events after I had been drinking. Eventually the man who tried to help me but was in reality an enabler, couldn't take it much more and left me too. I was left with my children, on my own for the first time since I had been out of high school. I began drinking myself into oblivion, not caring if I lived or died. I couldn't sleep or function without drinking. I lost a good job, then began drinking around the clock. My youngest child, who graduated from high school with highest honors and was accepted into (college name removed to preserve anonymity), was done with me and moved into my sister's house. On (date removed to preserve anonymity), my family and good friends conducted and intervention, and immediately the compulsion to drink was lifted from me. I entered Sacred Heart rehabilitation center on November 9 and because Macomb county has a generous program for substance abuse, I was able to get help there for 3 weeks. When released, I went straight to AA meetings, and hooked up with some amazing people, young and old, with stories just like mine, and even worse. Sadly, some people that were in Sacred Heart with me have passed because their addiction haunted them even after rehab. I now have 3 jobs and somehow I am dealing SOBER with foreclosure on my home, but I am living life on life's terms, not mine, and that was a GIANT step for an alcoholic like me. I now am at the stage of my recovery where I share my story so that other alcoholics and addicts can have hope for a better life. The Promises do come true, sometimes quickly sometimes slowly, but they do materialize when we work for them. I am living proof of that, as are millions of other recovering alcoholics and addicts. One day at a time, sometimes one hour at at time, but it CAN be done. God bless those continuing to suffer, may they get the help and hope they need to kick addiction in the butt.

-- Mary

My 44-year-old brother has been a heroin addict for over 15 years. In and out of jail for violating probation. Stealing from family members. I knew one day we would get a call of him overdosing. Instead, February 2015 he was found in an abandoned house in Detroit where he was rushed to (hospital name withheld to preserve anonymity) with severe frost bite and nerve damage on his hands and feet. He had both hands amputated and a couple toes. Needless to say I believe that still hasn't stopped him. Shows the power that drug has on a person. I believe addicts need a mandatory live-in rehab facility. Not jail but long term treatment. Not one that they check themselves out either. Thanks, Michelle.

-- Michelle

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