Preparing to vaccinate children: some Michigan pharmacies already pre-booking

Awaiting emergency use authorization

Preparing to vaccinate children: Some pharamcies already pre-booking
Preparing to vaccinate children: Some pharamcies already pre-booking

For weeks now, we have been getting the vaccine into the arms of adults.

Health experts are now working to get kids vaccinated.

Rana Kaddouh with Dearborn Pharmacy and Apothecary said they have been going nonstop since the pandemic started.

“There was a lot of focus on PPE and then it moved to COVID testing and now with the vaccine, that has been the most exciting chapter during this pandemic,” Kaddouh said.

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Things continue to be busy as people want the vaccine. Although they don’t have much time for leisure they’re okay with that.

“We are able to service the community and help protect our fellow citizens,” Kaddouh said.

The pharmacy is now getting ready to vaccinate younger citizens once authorized.

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“We’re following the FDA closely as with the CDC. We’re really optimistic and we’re hoping that next week, it will be approved and children can start getting their vaccines,” Kaddouh said. “We have come up with a pre-booking system. Very simple to use, user-friendly. You can make an appointment using your desktop or on your phone.”

Within hours, they were all booked. The pharmacy is waiting for the final approval but said they will open up more slots soon.

“It’s pretty much a pre-booking system, right now. We’re booked solid for all of May and half of June within 12 hours,” Kaddouh said. “I feel the closer we can get our children vaccinated, the better overall for the community.”

To book, connect with the pharmacy on Instagram: Dearborn_Pharmacy_Apothecary.

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