Can COVID patients donate organs? Are face masks bad for your health?

Dr. Frank McGeorge answers COVID questions

Local 4s Dr. Frank McGeorge is answering COVID-related questions submitted by viewers. Today, he's answering questions about vaccines, hospitalizations and face masks.

DETROIT – Since the coronavirus pandemic began, Dr. Frank McGeorge has been keeping viewers up-to-date and informed on all fronts. He’s been answering your questions about the vaccine, the vaccination process and more.

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If a person is on a ventilator because of COVD-19 and looks like they won’t make it, can they donate their organs?

At this time, patients who die from COVID cannot donate organs.

Can you explain the difference between the Pfizer Comirnaty COVID vaccine and the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine? Which version received FDA approval?

The vaccines are identical -- the Pfizer vaccine was simply given the name “Comirnaty” after it received full FDA approval. There is only one version of the vaccine.

My sister is 60 years old, overweight and never sees a doctor. She had Guillain-Barré when she was 18 years old. Is it safe for her to get the COVID vaccine?

Yes, it is safe for your sister to get vaccinated. Still, I would recommend that she receive one of the mRNA vaccines -- from Pfizer or Moderna -- as there have been reports of Guillain-Barré syndrome related to the J&J single dose vaccine.

How many days does a fully vaccinated person need to quarantine if they get sick with the delta COVID variant?

For most adults who contract COVID-19, isolation and precautions should continue for 10 days after symptoms begin, and at least after 24 hours since the last fever.

The news reported that hospital admissions for young people have been increasing -- are most of the people being hospitalized young?

The answer is no: People between 60 and 69 years old have seen the highest number of average daily hospital admissions. Generally, most hospital admissions related to COVID are still in people over the age of 50.

Does wearing a mask have adverse health effects? This seems to be one of the notions why people oppose mask usage.

The simple answer is that mask wearing has no adverse effects on health. I don’t think anyone loves wearing a mask, but right now, in most settings, it’s the right thing to do.

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