How daylight saving may impact your health

Moving the clock forward can have serious health consequences

This weekend it’s time to set your clocks forward an hour and go on daylight saving time.

This means an hour less of sleep. While it may not seem like a big deal, it can have more serious health consequences.

“Heart attacks occur at a higher rate during that Monday morning and also throughout that week, blood pressure goes up. There are also safety consequences such as car accidents, especially deadly car accidents occur at a higher rate," Phyllis Zee, of Northwestern University School of Medicine, said.

There are less serious but still noticeable consequences like fatigue and generally feeling out of wack.

To fell better Sunday morning:

  • Try eating dinner an hour earlier starting Friday night or Saturday.
  • Go to bed early and make sure to dim the lights, including phone or tablet screens.
  • Getting a good dose of bright light in the morning helps too.

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