Michigan Entrepreneurs: Macaron magic from The Blu Kitchen

DETROIT – Fluffy, sweet and oh-so-lovely.

If you’ve ever had a macaron, I guarantee you’ve never tasted one like the kind you can get from The Blu Kitchen in Detroit. It’s a local company, run by one woman, that focuses on making the best macaroons possible.

“I was looking to brand something that I could sell at local farmers markets, there’s a number of different things we considered, but macarons were something that didn’t already have an established market with vendors,” said Adina St. John of Canton, creator of The Blu Kitchen.

Along with her husband and daughter, St. John moved to Michigan over five years ago from Milwaukee for her husband’s job. Once a photographer for many years, St. John was looking for a change and knew she wanted to tap into the booming food market Michigan and Detroit have to offer.

“Out here, right now food is such a huge, huge big thing and there are great people doing so many great things and it’s been really exciting to participate in that,” St. John said.

She makes thousands of macaroons a week, by hand in an industrial kitchen in Plymouth. But Adina doesn’t have her own store front, so she takes her macarons on the road in Detroit and sells them “pop up” style.

“We’re going to pop up at different locations across Detroit on the 1st and 3rd Saturday in February, March and April with the exception of Easter weekend,” St. John said. “Our goal is to take the macaroons all over and sell them and see how they do so we can feel out whether or not we should get our own macaroon shop.”

Adina regularly makes 50 different flavors. At her most recent pop up at the Detroit Marsh Mellow Company on Mack, salted chocolate, vanilla java porter, classic vanilla, while chocolate infused with olive oil, blueberry rhubarb and lemon were on the menu.

Check The Blu Kitchen’s Facebook page for the next pop up and you can even pre-order your macaroons in advance.  

All I have to is….YUM!