Find out why 'Hardcore Pawn' star left it all to chase her dreams

DETROIT – Ashley Gold found fame and financial success starring on the reality show "Hardcore Pawn," which follows her family's Detroit pawn business.

It seemed like everything was going well for her until she decided that she needed a change. 

"I was in the pawnshop for my entire life, and I loved it. And I thought this is what I was going to do forever, but I had literally that 'aha' moment where I was like something has to change," Gold told Local 4's Karen Drew during a recent interview.

Gold's health and family life was suffering, so she made some adjustments and left the long standing reality show. 

 "It was like Groundhog's Day. I got up every day, put on my same black sweeter for work, my black tank tops, my jeans, my same black shoes, and I did the same routine every single day. And I realized I was not happy," Gold said.

She now spends most of her time at home running her own online business called Pawnchick Shopping.

" I travel all around the country at the jewelry stores and I get all my stuff new. I get the latest fashion trends. I dress celebrities, I dressed people around the world, and people know they can come to me," Gold said.

Gold takes care of everything in her business -- from shopping to bargaining with customers.

Not only does she have a great jewelry business, but Gold also has a successful podcast - Pawn Chick Radio.

"I interview a celebrity every week, airs on Friday's. I interview them on what's going on in their life so those air out, and I having a great response with that," Gold said.

Out of all the success after leaving Hardcore Pawn, she still believes that the most important part is being able to be home, and spending quality time with her family. 

"I'm a mom. I was PTO president. I'm that mom that drives the car pool, I dance with my kids at the house, I have play dates at my house, I go out to lunch with my friends," Gold said.

Gold does not miss the reality show business because of all the craziness it brought to her life. She said it was time for her to move on with her life, but she says that she learned a lot of helpful things that continue to make her successful.

"Negotiate, make deals, stand up for myself. I have thick skin, I can take a lot. And I think, now days in this world, you don't find many woman who can't stand up for themselves," Gold said.

It hasn't been long since Gold has started her own business and podcasts, but she hopes to continue to see success and great things as she moves forward. 

"Well I hope Pawnchick Shopping explodes to bigger and better. It's only been three months, and it's taking off so far. I have a couple things up my sleeve. Stay tuneed. I'll be in control 100 percent," Gold said.

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