Jamie Edmonds: It's finally golf weather!

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DETROIT – It happened. I finally got a round of golf in.

The epic event happened this morning with my husband, dad and father-in-law. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and I didn’t have to wear 18 layers just to be out there. It was the first real round of the season. As Teri Hatcher would say, “it was real, and it was spectacular.” Ok, she didn’t quite say that -- look up the 1993 "Seinfeld" episode for the full scene. 

I digress… 

Why did it take until May 5th for this to happen? I remember in previous years, we were able to golf in April. One year, I golfed in February! This year, not so much. This Spring has felt more like winter. The sun has gone into hiding, and the rains have been constant. 

I went to talk to my Local 4 friend, Meteorologist Andrew Humphrey, to ask about the numbers. He tells me before Saturday, it rained nine days straight. That’s more than five inches of rain recorded at Metro Airport in that time. No wonder all of us were cooped up inside and the clubs were in the closet. 

It’s been a REALLY tough Spring, that’s for sure. Hopefully we’re over the hump here in Metro Detroit. There are just too many great courses to NOT be outside hitting and chipping and pitching. Am I right? 

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