Jamie Edmonds: A beautiful night with America's pastime

DETROIT – My husband, sister-in-law and nephew went to the Tigers game Saturday. I decided to go down and join them in between shows. 

Why not? It was a beautiful night, the perfect setting to watch America’s pastime. 

And, it really was a beautiful night. When the sun went down, the sky turned bright orange. The temperature was absolutely perfect. The food was good. (I recommend the popcorn and the lemonade) The company was wasn’t too bad either. 

Beyond that… everything else was really, really bad. 

I know we’re in a rebuild, but man… the Tigers can be tough to watch. 

There were defensive miscues, there were throwing errors. There were walks that turned into runs. And… that was just on defense. On offense, the Tigers struck out 14 times, never really threatened, never scored any runs. 

At one point someone in our section yelled out, ‘Seriously? Come on!’ We all collectively knew what he meant. 

The Tigers lost to the Royals 7-0. 

I guess we can’t really be surprised, can we? We’ve been told by Al Avila that this is a rebuild and it would take some time. How much time? That remains to be seen. 

The roster right now, is Miguel Cabrera and eight guys who weren’t on this team two years ago. Some of them, were not in the major league two years ago. These 2019 Tigers are 35-79 so far. Their run differential is -222, the worst in the league. 

You could blame some of this on injuries. Michael Fulmer, Josh Harrison, Jacoby Jones, all out of the lineup. Harrison was just released. Jones was just diagnosed with a fractured left wrist. 

So here we are. Now… it’s about improvement. These games are about these young guys getting better. These games are about gaining experience and at-bats. There are building blocks here for the future. There is hope. 

Comerica Park will once again be packed in September and October. The Tigers will once again contend. 

Until then, go to games with your family on perfect summer nights and sit back and enjoy.