Andiamo Scottish Salmon and Grape Vierge


Live in the D - Scottish Salmon

Quantity     Unit     Ingredient
2                  fl oz     Extra virgin olive oil
1½               lb         scotland salmon
2                  oz        whole blanched hazelnuts
4                  tbl        unsalted butter
8                  oz        Spanish onion julienned
8                  oz        fennel bulb julienned
               to taste     salt and pepper
2                  fl oz     heavy cream
4               pinch     Italian parsley
6                 fl oz     Grape Vierge

• Portion the salmon at 6 ounces.
• Season and dust with ground hazelnuts to sear until golden and crisp, finish in oven until medium-medium       well doneness.
• In same hot pan, add the butter and caramelize the onions, cook until just beginning to brown.
• Add the fennel and the cream, and salt/pepper, cook until reduced.
• Plate with onion-fennel ragu on bottom and top with the salmon fillet, garnish cross-wise with the grape     vierge.


Grape Vierge

Quantity     Unit     Ingredients
¼     cup     oven roasted yellow tomatoes
¼     cup     oven roasted red tomatoes
1     cup     green seedless grapes halved
2     tbl     peeled shallots minced
1     clove     peeled garlic minced
¼     cup     golden raisins
½     cup     lemon juice
¼     cup     lime juice
1     tbl     fresh chervil chopped
1     tbl     Italian parsley chopped
1     tbl     fresh chives minced
1     tsp     Hungarian paprika
1     pinch     cayenne pepper
     as needed     salt and pepper
     as needed     cracked black pepper fresh milled

• Combine the minced shallots, garlic, raisins and citrus juices together to soften the raisins while you prep the   other items
• In large bowl, combine the drained tomatoes, grapes, herbs, spices and seasonings (slight pinch only of           cayenne)
• Add the raisin mixture and combine all ingredients
• Season as needed with salt and freshly milled cracked pepper