Dine in the D: Browndog

Whether you want dinner or dessert, this place has it all!

Detroit – People say don't eat dessert before dinner, but when you first walk into Browndog in Northville, you are greeted by their original menu item, home made ice cream.

Co-owner Paul Gabriel explains that they always wanted to own a restaurant but couldn't find a space big enough, so they started off making ice cream instead. Over the years they expanded, opening a second location in Farmington which was able to make ice cream and be a full restaurant. Eventually, they moved to a bigger location in Northville on Main Street which now houses their ice cream parlor in the front and their restaurant, which they call their barlor, in the back.

Their menu features bar food with a worldly flare, like their Korean Bulgogi Sliders, or their Italian Arancini Balls; and everything here is done "Browndog style."

"It's just taking classics and twisting them a little bit," explains Paul. "We wanted to be just a little bit different so you can't get it anywhere else. "

With their Cherry Chip Chipotle ice cream and their Wag-ooo Burger which is topped with a deep fried poached egg, they are certainly finding delicious ways to stand out. 

If you would like to try out Browndog, they have two locations. The one Michelle Oliver featured was at 120 E Main St. in Northville. The other location is at 33314 Grand River Avenue in Farmington. Hours vary by location. 

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