This Restaurant Has Something For Everybody!

Whether you are gluten free or vegan, Anna's House has something for you.

With bright cheery colors both in their food and in their decor, Anna's House in Westland makes you feel right at home when you walk in. 

The location in Westland is actually their 6th restaurant.  They got their start on the west side of the state in the Grand Rapids area. It was a smaller dinner that became well known for their great breakfast.

All of their restaurants have a similar retro look with bright colors and an open, airy feel.

"We wanted to pay homage to the times of the classic diner, and then combine that with our modern times," explain Danea Mather, their VP of Marketing and Menu Development.

Some unique features she pointed out are their hand made wall paper, the local artwork on the walls, and the hand painted murals they have at each restaurant. 

They serve both breakfast and lunch items, but they are known for having a large variety of options for people with dietary restrictions. It all got started when they put a few gluten free items on the menu because the owner's family was gluten free. 

"There was such a great response from the community, " says Danea."So we started providing more dairy free options, vegetarian options, vegan options, along with your classic two eggs, meat and potatoes."

They also have dishes you won't find anywhere else. Their Twilight French Toast is similar bread pudding soaked in a crème brûlée sauce with a berry drizzle and fresh berries piled on top.

They also have a full espresso bar to get all your favorite coffee drinks, plus loose leaf tea.

If you would like more information on Anna's House, please visit their website here