Uniquely Detroit Windmills

Have you ever driven by something in Detroit and asked yourself "What is that??". Over in Eastern Market there's something happening that's very eye catching and it's definitely more than what meets the eye. 

It's an art project that lead to a new idea that might change the future of Eastern Market. 

Artist Carlos Neilbock is the man behind these Detroit Windmills. Carlos is the owner of a metal workshop on Detroit's east side. He had the unique idea to bring renewable energy to the D.

The Project is called The CAN Art Wind Turbine Project. He uses previously manufactured and recycled parts like home satellite dishes to make these windmill turbines.

One of them will be used in Eastern Market near Shed 5 as a cell phone charging station for shoppers. They are also planning to use the turbines to irrigate crops at Eastern Market with storm water.

You can learn more about this project and help donate to the cause by checking out their crowdfunding page.