Josh Duhamel Talks About Tupac And Biggie With Live In The D

A new crime series has a lot of people talking. It has to do with two of the biggest names ever in rap music. At the height of their musical careers, Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG were as big as they get. Their murders, just six months apart, left a mark on the rap music industry. To this day, the crimes remain a mystery. 

That is what the new scripted true crime series "Unsolved"  is all about. 

Actor Josh Duhamel, who plays Detective Greg Kading in the series joined us live from Los Angeles today to talk about the show.

Duhamel says that the entire show is based on what really happened to the two rappers.

Kading is a Producer on the show, and was by Duhamel's side throughout filming. He says it was great to have Kading on set to turn to if any questions arose about the events.