Do you social media stalk before the first date?


From social media stalking, to internet dating, it's a different world for relationships. Today on Live in the D we talked about dating. The City, Life, and Style Editor from the Michigan Chronicle AJ Williams, member of The Blaine Fowler Morning Show team on 96.3 WDVD Lauren Crocker, and Founder of the event planning company Detroit by Design Rich Rice all joined us in the studio today to discuss what dating is like today. 

The group talked about whether or not the internet is a more comfortable place to meet people, if they social media stalk a person before the first date, and if it is harder to get back into the dating world nowadays.

Williams thinks that depending on age, the internet can be a great way to meet people. She herself does not like it, but she thinks that it's perfect for the younger generation.

Rice thinks that stalking someone on social media before you meet is unnatural, and you should be able to get to know someone in person. 

Crocker says a good way to get back out there after a long-term relationship is to ask your single friends for advice.