Looking to sell your house this spring?

Home prices are climbing and whether you are considering selling your home, or want yours to look show-ready, our friends at Jeff Glover and Associates were in the studio today to give us insider advice on how you can achieve it. 

Glover says Spring is a great time to sell your home because a lot of the buyers start to come out of hibernation. Buyers like to find and buy homes in time for the next school year to start. 

Getting the house in shape to sell can seem daunting, and there are many things people don't consider. First impressions are everything, so if you're looking to sell it is important to make sure that your front yard and front of the house are kept up. 

 People might forget about the garage, but Glover says it's imperative to get the floors cleaned up and to keep everything tidy looking. 

When it comes to the basement, "you want the basement to look and feel like additional living space" Glover says. Get all of the clutter put away, and do everything to make it feel like an active living space. 

Along with selling homes, Jeff Glover and Associates have a special program called Glovers Heroes. Glover's Heroes gives recognition to the police and fire force, teachers, and nurses by giving back to those people and also once a year rehabilitating the homes of the classified people. 

To learn more about Glover's Heroes and how you can support it, or nominate a hero, visit the website http://Gloversheroes.org.

If you are interested in buying or selling a home, go to http://housesoldname.com or call 855-JEFF SELLS.