Dairy Farm Carries on Family and Earth Friendly Traditions

The Horning Family has been running a thriving dairy farm for over 140 years.


Manchester, MI

Along a winding country road right outside of Ann Arbor lies a family farm and it's tremendous history.

The Horning Farm has been thriving in the heart of Michigan for over a very long time

"It's been here since 1877 which is over a 140 years," says Mason Horning.

With 19 year old Mason and his older sister, Katelyn, helping to manage 700 acres of land, it's truly a family affair.

"I'm the 6th generation here on our farm,” says Katelyn.  “It's a legacy that's been passed down from my grandpa and my dad and further generations back".

The family cares for over 300 cows that produce hundreds of gallons of milk a day.

From sun up to dusk, the family to works hard to provide fresh dairy to companies all over the state.

"It's really awesome to create a great local product, something that is healthy, nutritious, wholesome product that a family can go to the grocery store and take home," Katelyn says.

The Hornings also take pride in going above and beyond to maintain a healthy and safe environment for their animals.

"As dairy farmers, for us, every day are earth day, it's something that is really important to us," says Katelyn.

"On our farm we do a lot of recycling, cows are actually the perfect recycler, what they eat will eventually produce milk and they also produce manure but we use that manure to fertilize the fields, it's a constant recycling".

They also protect the land around the farm.

"Our farm is right across the road from the lake,” says Katelyn.  “A lake that my grandparents live on and we enjoy in the summer going swimming, going boating and we take our responsibility to take care of the lake and we take that very seriously". 

So the Horning family tradition can continue.

“I'm looking forward to having a family of my own, watching them grow up on the farm," Mason said with a smile.

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