Raise the Flag Festival in the D

Come to the July party that will celebrate Detroit's flag

There's a big party next month in the D, and you're invited!!

Our friend, Ali "The Unifier" Thrower, is organizing the Raise the Flag festival. The flag we're talking about is the Detroit flag. 

A lot of people may not realize the city has its own flag. According to Thrower, it is designed with quadrants influenced from Britain and France, whose natives settled in Detroit in 1701.

At the Raise the Flag festival, an image of the city's flag is projected onto the newly purchased Ford Train Station and the history of the flag is explained and celebrated.

The festival will have music, Detroit-driven clothing and will be fun for all ages! Organizers have teamed up with Well Done Goods to offer clothing and accessories with Detroit's flag on it to wear to the festival and anywhere you may go this summer.

Raise the Flag festival is on July 24 at Roosevelt Park in Corktown.

For more information on the clothing, visit this website.