Revolutionary new carpet from Empire Today

Summer is when we spend more time outdoors and families and pets tend to track in more dirt and grime from outside into the carpet in our homes, and it can start to take on quite an odor. Now there is a revolutionary new way to keep your home fresh in every seaon. Our friends at Empire Today had Ryan Salzwedel, "The Empire Man", to tell us more about it.

Empire today is America's largest shop-at-home flooring company that has been in business for almost 60 years. They now have a new type of carpet that will help keep your home smelling fresh.  It is called Home Fresh. It is the only carpet of it's kind and it's a 100% hypoallergenic odor neutralizing carpet.

The Home Fresh carpet does not just mask the odor, it gets rid of it with it's mineral technologies which break down the odors. The built-in padding is extremely breathable allowing  dirt and debris to flow through the carpet and get vacuumed up. The carpet is also environmentally friendly being 100% recyclable.

So we talked about odor, but what about stains? It's hard to have one without the other. Well, the Home Fresh carpet is Scotchgard protected, and it also comes with a limited lifetime stain, soil and lay flat warranty.

If you would like more information on Home Fresh or any other Empire Today product, please visit empiretoday.com or 800-588-2300.