Healthy shopping made easy with Dr. Ian Smith

When it's time to head back to school, despite the best intentions, eating healthy can be a challenge for families and shopping quickly and making the right choices can be overwhelming. We met up with Dr. Ian Smith, author of the "Clean 20" to show us how simple it can be to shop for healthy food options at a local grocery store. 

Dr. Ian said that he built the "Clean 20" for the average person so it's affordable, easy and flexible. You can make your own "Clean 20" list. Tati and Dr. Ian went to Honey Bee Market, a local grocery store in Detroit  to find everything that we need. 

Dr. Ian says avocados are good because they're heavy in monounsaturated fat, they have fiber and help with weight loss. He also says tomatoes are great, you can cook and bake them and put them on all kinds of things. Dr. Ian also mentioned peppers, he says he knows that not everyone likes them, but he wanted to focus on the color. Dr. Ian says the more color in your diet the better because they have disease fighters otherwise known as antioxidants. 

Tati asked Dr. Ian, what would you say to someone who has tried everything? He said, that you need to find a plan that is not just about the moment but is about your life.