Get a fresh start this fall with Applied Fitness Solutions

The start of school for the kids is also a great time to give yourself a fresh start, like when it comes to staying fit. And you don't have to go it alone. Our friend Michael Stacks with Applied Fitness Solutions in Ann Arbor, Plymouth and Rochester joined us in the studio this morning to tell us how we can get started. 

Stacks said that Applied Fitness Solutions (AFS) is unique because they make personal fitness coaching affordable. AFS takes the cost of a personal training session and makes it a monthly membership cost. Stacks also mentioned that they have some really fun pop-up events coming up that you're able to check out. There is one taking place in Hines Park in Plymouth September 13th where they will have a live DJ and they get about 60 to 80 people out there to work out.

AFS is also a big supporter of special causes such as a place called Ozone House in Ann Arbor, and Allison Brengle with Ozone House joined us in the studio to tell us more about it. Brengle says that Ozone House is a nonprofit that supports kids in crisis, and crises could look like a lot of different things. Brengle says for some people it could be intense conflict at home and for others it could be thoughts of suicide. For more information on Ozone House, go to their website at 

The charity popup this Thursday, September 13  hosted by Applied Fitness Solutions is at Hines Park in Plymouth and all the proceeds will go to benefit Ozone House. There will be workouts, food and drinks. For more information head to their website