Reel Talk: Predators are here!

Movie reviewer Greg Russell joined Jason Carr in studio to talk about the new movies debuting for this weekend.

The first film discussed was "The Predator." The film's plot is that the Predators are back and send plans down to Earth. A boy finds the plans, which tell all the other Predators where to go. Some stars of the film include Keegan-Michael Key and Thomas Jane. Russell gave the film three reels out of five. He said, "It's a fun one."

The second film discussed was "A Simple Favor." The plot is mostly kept secret by the stars of the film due to its twists and turns. Detroit's Paul Fieg directed the film and is cited as being really good and unique. 

The final film was "Unbroken: Path to Redemption." The main character is a POW in World War II and shows his highs and lows in his life after the end of the war. Russell gave the film three reels and cites the film as very inspirational.