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Bra makeovers for women and how it changed their lives

It's one of the biggest challenges for women: finding a bra that fits correctly and for women with full figures it can be downright daunting. Our friends at Bra-vo Intimates can help. Rebecca Aughton, owner of the shop that’s on Woodward Ave. in Royal Oak joined Tati Amare on Live in the D to discuss how to find the perfect bra.

A couple of months ago, Live in the D launched a contest to give away two fittings to our viewers. The winners were  announced today. Aughton said choosing just two winners was extremely difficult especially when women were revealing they were wearing the wrong size bra up to eight cups.  The winners were Cheryl Dorsey and Cheryl Mains. Both had serious issues with the straps digging into their shoulders.

Both ladies say they appreciated the privacy and tutorials that came with the individual fittings and the amazing results afterwards. 

There were so many entries in the makeover contest and Bra-vo Intimates wants to help everyone get the right fit so they are emailing a 25% off coupon to the 80 women who were runners-ups.

To learn more about all that Bra-vo Intimates offers, schedule your fitting and get store hours and the location, visit their website bravointimates.com.