Here's how to mix plaids with patterns for fall

Mix plaids with animal, floral prints for a new look

A fall fashion trend this season is mixing plaids and patterns which may sound like mixing oil with water, but Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan stopped by Live in the D to help put together the right look. Kila Peeples and Michelle Oliver joined Tati Amare and Jordan to see how this could work.

Jordan said wearing plaid with animal prints is a new fall look. He matched Peeples' leopard dress with a tan-based plaid scarf. Jordan also mixed stripes with plaid by matching a blue scarf with Oliver's navy and white dress. Jordan recommends using color themes to experiment with this new look.

Plaids can also be mixed with floral and other plaids.  Jordan says it's OK to let go of the old school beliefs that patterns cannot be mixed and enter the new view of wearing mixed patterns to have your fall outfits stand out.