Pro tips to avoid nasty germs at the gym

Yup, you're vulnerable to bugs while working out. Here's how to protect yourself


It's that time of year we seem to get exposed to more germs, perhaps because we're spending more time indoors. And one hot spot for the cooties is at the gym. Our fitness expert Jody Trierweiler is here with some ways that can help you avoid those nasty germs when you go work out. 

Trierweiler is talking about a gym atmosphere where there are lots and lots of people and if you're not safe you can catch a norovirus from using workout equipment. A norovirus can live up to 30 days on exercise equipment. Trierweiler gave us the proper steps to take to avoid catching those germs.

Use the wipes that the gym provides before you use the equipment. Also make sure to cover any open wounds like hangnails or any exposed cuts that you have. Also make sure not to shave at the gym or before the gym because you create micro cuts that are more susceptible to germs and bacteria. When using a towel mark an X on one side so that you know which side touches the equipment and which side touches your face.

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