Jon Jordan shows how your hair can survive the winter frizzies

The weather is starting to get colder and that can wreak havoc on your hair. But Local 4 style editor Jon Jordan brought in some great solutions to Live in the D.

You may already have these around the house but use them for something else. 

Jon wanted to make a point that everyone is washing their hair too often and using the wrong products.

He showed that a clear shampoo is less moisturizing than an opaque shampoo. Jon also said to seek products that have natural ingredients like olive and coconut oil. 

But there is a catch- just because something says it has natural ingredients doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't have some unnatural products in it as well. Jon said to make sure to look for the label "sulfate-free" to guard against getting damaging products in your shampoo.

He also says to make sure to look at the ingredient listing when looking for the right shampoo.

Jon brought some dryer sheets to show how useful they can be. He said you can use them to get static out of your hair, clothes and even shine your shoes.