Creating skinny cocktails

In the new year, many people try to cut calories, so what do you do when it comes to cocktails? Our friends at Pernod-Ricard and Southern Glazers sent an expert to join us in the studio. Joel Barron is the bar manager of The Meeting House in Rochester and he showed us how to create skinny cocktails. 

Barron says a skinny cocktail is a drink that minimizes the amount of sugar and really highlights the spirit. First, he started with an easy go-to drink that is similar to a highball. The recipe calls for three dashes of orange bitters, 2 ounces of Beefeater Pink Gin, ice, soda and  a lemon garnish.

Next, he made a skinny margarita, with a pinch of salt, fresh lime juice, orange liquor, a dash of agave nectar and Avion Silver Tequila, shaken with some ice and then garnished with dehydrated limes. 

To try some skinny cocktails like the ones Barron made, you can head to The Meeting House in Downtown Rochester. 

To find out more about Pernod-Ricard, their supplier, Southern Glazers, and to get more creative cocktail recipes, visit the website pernod-ricard-usa.com.