Declutter your life in 2019

Want to know how to declutter your life....

Many have heard of decluttering a home but according to Birmingham Maple Clinic Therapist, Ronnie Hormel people should also declutter their lives. Hormel said decluttering you relationships starts with someone learning to let go of personal things so they can connect with friends and family. "Sometimes we can have negative beliefs about ourselves, like not being good enough instead of just being ourselves."

He said that it is ok to acknowledge a flaw or a mistake and rip it up and throw it away. " Get rid of it and spend time with people." The next theory that Hormel discussed was disconnecting from technology and start connecting with others "When were watching tv its kind of social, we're able to interact with people." He said that once a person looks at his/her phone there is no engagement, because they are looking down and not giving a person full eye contact.

Which brought him to his next topic about the importance of eye contact. " There are all these studies that says eye contact build oxytocin," said Hormel " It makes us feel good." 

He goes on to say people need to learn how to listen better. " Do you know how many times people are actually not listening," said Hormel " We're already ready to come back with the next comment before we're listening." He said he advise people to be more quiet and listen to what people are actually saying. He also said listening will bring people together as well as feel better. 

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