There is a new trend that will make your home warm and cozy!

Here's how to hygge your home!

When your car is covered in a sheet of ice and the wind bites at your face, it's the perfect time to get your hygge on. What is hygge? Well, hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish and Norwegian word that means the feeling of coziness and wellness. Think of it as the feeling you have when you're sitting next to a crackling fire, in a cozy sweater, reading a book, sipping on a warm mug of hot chocolate as the smell of cookies baking fills the air. It has been a growing trend, and it only gets more popular as the months grow colder. 

Meredith Bruckner, the community news producer for All About Ann Arbor, found the perfect place that has everything you need to make your home hygge, Found Gallery. Store owner, Mary Cambruzzi, joined Bruckner and host Jason Carr with a bunch of home goods to give you that cozy feeling. One of them is the book, "The Little Book of Hygge" by Meik Wiking, which gives a good overview of this comfy lifestyle.

According to Cambruzzi, lighting is a great place to start when it comes to creating a hygge atmosphere. Candles are a hygge must, and in general, natural light or a soft, warm light helps to create a feeling of peace and comfort. In Denmark they tend to use unscented candles (and they go through a lot of them!), but you can pick a scent that makes you feel at home. 

Textured blankets, pillows, and rugs are another hygge favorite. In Denmark, a lot of the colors are neutrals, allowing the texture of the textiles to really stand out. They will sometimes use a pop of color as an accent. 

Found Gallery is located at 415 N. 5th Avenue in Ann Arbor. You can find out more about this store, and other cool places in Ann Arbor at allaboutannarbor.com.

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