Transform your home with new trends from Motor City Carpet and Flooring

Looking to update your home and not sure where to begin? Why not consider starting from the ground up? Owners Bruce and Pamela Rostam, of Motor City Carpet and Flooring joined Jason Carr to talk about all the latest styles and how you can shop and look at samples right at home. 

Just changing the flooring can transform a room or an entire home. They brought several examples of the latest floor trends. Pamela said that they just got back from Surfaces 2019 in Las Vegas, and Motor City Carpet and Flooring is now offering custom screen printing on flooring.

Motor City Carpet and Flooring also brought in a little surprise for Live In The D, taking a picture of Carr and Tati Amare and putting it on hardwood. Pamela mentioned that you can clean the floor and the image won't come off, staying on for the life of the hardwood floor. 

They also brought in more examples of vinyl flooring. Motor City Carpet and Flooring can even stain the floor in any color that you want, such as pink, red or even blue.

If you can't make it out to the store, Motor City Carpet and Flooring can come to you in their Mobile Showroom. All you have to do is call 1(888) Motor-City. To see the huge selection they offer, their specials and to schedule your shop at-home experience, visit their website motorcitycarpet.com