Sheila E. in the D

Sheila E. stopped by Live in the D before her show in Detroit

She is a Grammy nominated artist who has traveled across the country and even earned a Grammy nomination Sheila E. joined Tati and Jason live in the studio. The musical icon talked about performing at the Sound Board in Detroit tonight.

Sheila E. said she has been on tour since last year and is excited to be in Detroit. "I love Detroit, because they are the best audience," Sheila said. She also said when she first started with the Purple Rain tour in 1984, it was in Detroit. Sheila also mentioned she would be performing in Detroit again in the future with Earth,Wind and Fire. 

When talking about her latest album "Iconic: Message 4 America," Sheila described how she was inspired by the past election. "I was gonna put out a dance record, but there was no way I could put out a dance record with all that was going on with the election and knowing how much our country has changed." Sheila explained how she wrote her music for her albumn while listening to music from the 60's and 70's, and reaching out to old friends and musicians. "The lyric content was relative to what's happening in our country right now," said Sheila. 

She also discribed her experience with the late icon Prince. "We became friends right away and hung out often," said E. 

Lastly Sheila E. talked about her book "The Beat of My Own Drum." "It took me a couple of years to write it, but I really wanted to write it," said E. "I started and stopped, and it's really about how I started up my career and things that happened to me when I was young." She ended with saying she is so happy that she wrote her book because it helped a lot of people. 

If you want to get tickets to see Sheila E perform go to the Sound Board website.