We kicked off Live In The D's Wedding Week Giveaways!

We kicked off  Live In The D's Wedding Week Giveaways!

Starting today and running through Feb. 22, we are giving away prizes to make that special day even more memorable. Each day they stack up on top of each other to become even bigger. Today's prize is a giveaway that will help you look your best. 

Tati Amare was joined by our friend, Dr. Michael H. Freedland, a board certified plastic surgeon. "To receive board certification, I get specific training in a particular hospital that's certified," he said. "So I went to the University of Michigan and I'm training with those doctors who are also plastic surgeons and at the end of the course I have to go through a certification process."

Freedland also showed us a few photos of his before and after work. One was an eye lift. What he did was take away loose skin in the upper lid and excess fat. Freedland also does work with necks, breast augmentation, body contouring, tummy tucks and more. 

We also revealed the first prize in our Wedding Week Giveaways. Freedland is giving away a microdermabrasion facial treatment that's valued at $110. Microdermabrasion uses a DiamondTome to help exfoliate your skin, making it look more rejuvenated, healthier and younger. We will be giving away one of these prizes every day this week. 

For your chance to win any of the prizes throughout Live In The D's Wedding Week go to our Live In The D Facebook page at, www.facebook.com/4liveinthed/ or the contest page by clicking, here . Contest rules are posted there as well. 

To learn more about all the treatments and procedures doctor Freedland offers and to schedule your consultation, visit his website: Freedlandmd.com.

And our Wedding Week continues tomorrow when we reveal our second prize and the winner of that will find themselves thousands of miles away from all this snow!